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Biometric Authentication – The Future of Mobile Banking

We are living in an era where the internet is an inseparable part of human life. Starting from routine to business needs, things are dependent on internet services in one or other way. We are part of this digital world, also have a great acceptance for digital services, and the banking services are no exception to that. The banking services are observing rapid digitalization to ensure better identification of customers and employees to prevent theft and fraud. Along with that, digital banking has knocked the doors of Biometric Identification. Biometric technology has now become an integral and strategic part of online banking, e-commerce payment system and digital wallet companies.

Biometrics is an identical measure of users’ physical characteristics including voice, fingerprints, facial recognition, retina detection, vein infrared thermogram or any combination of these identifiers. It is one form of cutting-edge technologies and, today these biometric authentication offers premium security.

With the increasing rates of security breaches, many financial organizations and mobile app development companies are being pressured to implement rock-solid security solutions, and the biometrics seems to be the best and most viable option. The existence of PIN in coming years for security purposes might get obsolete, but exactly when is still the big question. Whether the PIN will stay or not, the biometric authentication is quickly advancing and integrated by many financial service providers. This new form of digital security is much safer and secure.

The topic of biometric authentication has soared to the top of the financial technology landscape in recent years, because of the greater security demands. Let’s have a look at current security modalities and how financial service providers can embrace this security technique moving forward.

What is Biometric Modalities?

Biometric identification is a strong tool to secure ATMs and online transactions. It also helped the banking industries to build trust with their customers and improve the reputation of their services. Today, the requirement of strong authentication is inevitable. Especially in online transactions, and the reason is the growth of sophisticated technology to make easy transactions.

Mobile Banking Apps and Biometric Authentication:

Biometric identification can be achieved on mobile devices either through built-in biometric sensors or by any biometric hardware using wireless or wired connectivity. However, almost all the smartphone is having an embedded fingerprint scanner, voice recognition and front camera: hence, there is no precise need of any external hardware. Banking applications can be easily integrated through these embedded sensors, some of them are already taking advantage of this technology.

Developing security methods that banks and credit unions could start using soon include….

Iris Scanning:

Iris scan mode is high-end biometric security, contains more than 200 unique points of data that is stored in the institution's database. According to experts, this is the most reliable way of authenticating a user’s identity. Banking apps and virtual wallet are all set to go in a different direction in terms of high-end biometric security. Iris scanner of the devices is getting better and accurate. So that one can use it to unlock the phone even in 100% darkness. The iris scanning is considered as one of the most secure authentication.

Voice Scanning:

The bank is rolling out voice verification for its 4 million telephone banking customers in the Netherlands over the next two years. The voice scanning software verifies whether the voice matches the caller using more than 100 biometric characteristics (Such as pitch, frequency, soft and hard palate, jaw structure... ). However, on its own, sometimes the voice authentication can be disruptive, due to the ambient or background noise. Also, the natural illness or cold can damage original properties of voice. But certain problems can be overcome by using perfect voice modulation technique or by using noise cancellation devices. HSBC has introduced voice identification mobile apps and ATMs to make the complete transaction without asking the password.

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Facial Scanning:

Facial scanning and facial recognization can authenticate users at ATMs, and now with a high-quality front camera and high-resolution face scanning functionality, smartphones become more convenient to provide secure access to online and mobile banking. A machine-learning based powerful face recognization algorithms grant the individual access to secure banking environments even in the low light intensity. This method improves the performance of traditional mobile banking.

Fingerprint Scanning:

Fingerprint scanning is the primary and easy mode of biometric authentication. As the smartphones are revolutionary gadgets in online banking domain, this mode is currently the most popular and already integrated by top financial service providers for easy and secure mobile banking. In many cases, for most people, the fingerprint scanner will be more secure and safe than a PIN or an OTP.

Vein Pattern Scanning:

Vein matching or vein pattern scanning, also called vascular technology, is a mode of biometric identification. It depends on the pattern of one’s veins in the palm, fingers and eyes, in order to identify the user. Vein pattern of each finger is like a snowflake, which is impossible to replicate. Today in the financial sector, the service providers are facing security breaches, also there has been cut-throat competition for secure financial services to protect their clients.

Seeing Off:

The concern, of course, is security. Today, users prime requirement is security and secure banking services on their fingertips. The biometric technology has taken a definite step in our lives and it has expanded rapidly, also has increased the velocity of the secure banking processes. In future, we may see where the PIN will be no longer use for ATMs because of the biometric scanners. The use of biometric technology is growing exponentially of user authentication in industries such as mobile app development companies, government, retail, and now financial services.

About us:

Kunsh Technologies is one of the leading Mobile App Development company serving industries of each vertical. Our dedicated Mobile App Developers develop and implement secure mobile strategies, deliver products to market faster, and drive agile transformation. The emergence of biometric solutions provides an added layer of security beyond the simple password or PIN. We can help you develop a secure system or a digital wallet that can make your users feel safe and secure.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

5 Wonderful Mobile App Features that everyone should Aware

Android app Ecosystem is the biggest strength of Android OS itself. Today, there are tons of Android Apps are live on a google play store. On a daily basis, the number is dramatically increasing. A number of them have reached the billions of downloads already. Some of them are paid and the majority of them are free apps. And when you are about to put your own app on the google app store. You need to have a fully featured and a splendid Android app that will boost the downloads. Do you wonder, if your mobile app is capturing the eye of the users? Are you giving them a wonderful experience or just satisfying their needs? Or are they excited to download and use the app? - Before answering any of the above questions you need to have a complete research for the Android app that you are dreaming to develop. You need to empower over the best app characteristics that will make your app useful and unique.

Today from a strong start up to the well-established business, each one has their own Android application. Today, revolutionary ideas totally based on Mobile apps that making million dollars revenue. However, the standardization of Mobile App Development creates the requirement of extraordinary ideas. But beating all the existing apps is not at all an easy job to do, also not impossible. Do you know why? - Hereby we are sharing 5 amazing and best of the time features that you should never miss.

  • Geolocation Based Apps
Smartphone user market is expected to cross 2.84 billion, by the end of 2020. Yes, that’s the huge number for every manufacturer and developers. Now, the problem is that no can survive to the top by having a generic user experience. Having a localization feature embedded - can definitely help. Location-based communication services can personalize the experience. It captures the local requirements and comfortable to the local people.

On the other hand, the customization and translation would not be much complicated as it is difficult to verify and test. Planning it is quite a wise job to do in a particular Mobile app.
  • Unique User Experience (UX)
Touch and play have become part of our everyday life, and this is not just limited to Mobile apps. IoT made this world much smaller and connected.

Day by day, users are more comfortable using ‘Touch gesture’ than keyboards. A year ago, the home buttons have been replaced by the touch screen. Today, According to the very recent news - “Mobile Phones confirms that it will have a fingerprint reader in the display” This upcoming technology is surprisingly amazing and way too easy to be used. And when it comes to the Android App Development, people love to have one hand touch experience rather than using two hands to navigate. It is most preferable to have a call of action or buttons such as ‘Like’ on a wise place to give an easy user experience. It will definitely improve the interactions.
  • Inbuilt-app Search with Filters
Typing on a Mobile screen is a bit awkward. Even much awkward when the screen size is more than a plan of the normal person. If the user is looking for something specific and some other things keep popping up is frustrating. The data Filtering feature while searching is one of the best Mobile app features that make the app much smarter. It is also a responsive and interactive feature that gives the mobile app a modern look. Almost all the mobile has Built-in data filtering, thus implementing dynamic filtering is not the hard thing to do.
  • Payment Options
Mobile payment systems are often poorly designed. In 2015, even though US users spend 59% of their time on mobile, only 15% users purchased anything on a mobile platform. Users preferred PC for payment based transactions. By the time, Digital money and cryptocurrency took over the traditional payment methods.

Now each and every online global market are having currency conversation that supports all type of payment methods across the globe. However along with that secure payment methods are really necessary to keep the user. A number of online payment and billing application are booming in the market due to the security and easy payment methods. Notable users are now preferring only payment gateways and shifting from a PC to Mobile payment apps.
  • Offline support
We have many robust and reliable networks. But, the problem of being connected online for 24x7 is still common in remote areas. Developers often overlook this reality. If the app is totally depending on Network availability, then during the connection lost, the ability to use local data makes the app invincible. And when the user is back to the network connectivity the current offline data will automatically sync to the online global database. One needs to plan this feature early in the designing stages. However, this totally depends on the type of app you wanted to build.

The ‘Try again, Later’ is no more barrier to any user. Each upcoming Android app developer is now adding the feature of - Act local and Sync Global feature.


Android App is very important as an influencer to this modern society. It is the best resource for Information, Communication, and Entertainment. However, your users expect more and more every day. The above powerful yet simple Android app features will help your Android app fulfil the expectations. Here, At Kunsh Technologies, Our dedicated Android App Developers cannot miss this exciting domain specific features when it comes to creating an outstanding app.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Enhances Your Web Appearance with Effective Web Designing Services

Today, popularity of internet is increasing day by day and the companies are establishing their own websites for marketing their products and services. Internet has become an effective way of marketing for them.
Moreover, there are various advantages of having your own website but the first thing that strikes in the business owner’s mind is the designing of their business website. If you are also one of the businesses relying over internet, then you have various options in front which really help you for designing your website.
Responsive Website Design Companies helps you to win half of the battle by providing best quality web design services. If you have lots of visitors on your website but fail to convert them into your customers, then you should need to concentrate on your web design services.
You should put some efforts into designing section. The company you are hiring for your web designing should be reasonable and functional. Important information should be perfectly displayed and it should also have a full description of the company profile. It will help you to convert the visitors into customers.
The content should be written in the clear and informative manner which will be easily understood by the readers.  For the best web design services, who are expert in this field and offer the most excellent services. 
Your website will help you a lot for the better promotion of your product and services. Having a webpage will make you stand far from your competitors who have not adopted the online marketing services.
Online advertising appeals the people to attract towards the products and services and it also encourages the appearance of the same on the web pages.
Today, due to the advancement of technologies, having a single website could not create much effect on your business, it needs some efficient services. Merely having a simple looking website is not enough for the promotion of your business. There are millions and billions of users present online who are taking a look for your products.
For attracting more and more customers, it is necessary that your website should be maintained, properly managed and have a better appearance. It should have contained attractive pictures related to the contents and an interesting data for reading.
Web design and development is done for enhancing your business and also helps to increase its popularity in the web world. High quality web design services will make you successful on the internet. 

Responsive Web Design Services by Kunsh Technologies

Website designing is the best part of your business which helps your business to make their identity in the web world. With the use of high quality web designing services and great appearance, you may get success in the immense world of Internet and increase your overall ROI by high rate of conversion rate.

There are highly skilled and efficient professionals available for designing your website. A website maker is well-known for developing really attractive and functional websites. They are considering various types of things at the time they are designing a functionally sound website. They use latest technology and information in such a way that it will attract more and more visitors.
At the time of designing a website, it should be necessary to consider some most important points which may be the key factors for the websites designing. Best quality content, attractive design and colours, better technology, understanding of figures, photographs, out of all these the importance of the content is the most. It should be efficiently written and understandable for the visitors along with giving the clear message of the business owner about the product and services.
A nicely designed website can catch the eyes of the visitors and convert them into their customers and Kunsh Technologies can accompany you in achieving that objective perfectly.
Responsive website designers are not the only people to build a perfect website; it can also be a separate company who is rendering its services. Business owners hire a reputed web design company to deal with the designing and development of the website with extraordinary features.
For this purpose, you should contact a reputed Website Design Company for solving all your website issues. Your hired web designers or website designing company should have to fit with all of your requirements. Once you have shared hands with Kunsh Technologies, the best service provider then they should be able enough to take over all the matters related to your web page designing. Their rich skilled Web Designers will deal with all the factors attached with the designing and development of your web page.
Websites are generally used for the promotion of your product and services. They help to spread information which the visitor needs at the time they are visiting on the website. Eye catching and attractive design, thoughtful and resourceful contents, presentation etc are the most important factors for attracting the visitors towards your website.
There are lots of companies that charge very responsible price for rendering this kind of services. They have different packages for their clients among which the business owners select the most appropriate one. They represent various options in front of their prospective customers to select the most suitable one.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

7 Reasons Why React Native from Facebook is growing rapidly

Today’s mobile app development requirements demand shorter cycles of development, faster deployment and better app performance. As the two operating systems are dominating the entire IT landscape i.e. Android and iOS, the businesses developing mobile apps often have to compromise in terms of apps that offer a better user experience or the apps that can get developed faster and run on multiple platforms and devices.

The evolution of the hybrid app frameworks has bridged up the gap between the performance of a native app and the ease of development of a web app. On this technology’s leading edge, here comes the React Native UI design framework by Facebook. 


Let us check, 7 reasons why React Native by Facebook is growing rapidly for developing the hybrid mobile apps.

1. It covers iOS and Android

Initially, React Native was developed by the Facebook for supporting iOS. However, now this library can render support for Android and iOS platforms both with the recent support it has started giving to Android OS. In fact, Facebook has used the React Native library for creating its own Ad Manager app on both the types of OS versions and both of them are developed by the same team of developers.

Facebook has also made the React Native as an open source system so that it becomes compatible with other platforms as well like Windows and tvOS.

2. With reusable components, hybrid apps are allowed to render natively

The WebView components of other hybrid mobile apps are the old day’s concept. This becomes possible due to the reusable ability of the building blocks of React Native as ‘native components’ that can directly get compiled to native. Components that you will be using in Android or iOS have exact counterparts in React, so as to give you a consistent look and feel.

This kind of component-based structure also permits you to create mobile apps with an additional agile and web-style approach towards development in comparison to that of typical hybrid frameworks, but with no web requirements at all. The app will be comprised of feel, look and functionality that one can see in a native mobile application.

3. Apply React Native UI components to the Code of an Existing App – with no Re-Writing Required at All

This is a huge opportunity for the businesses wishing to augment any of their existing app and that too without overhauling it. They need to incorporate the React Native components in the code of your app. Or else, your existing hybrid app is designed and created with Ionic and Cordova, you should reuse that code utilizing the existing plugin.

4. Growing as the top mobile Javascript Frameworks among Developers

You will be able to pick-up React Native Development quickly, if you know JavaScript well, where a front-end web developer has to become a mobile app developer on the spot. You would not need to learn Java for Android or iOS’s Swift. Instead, pay attention to Javascript, some native UI elements, platform APIs and other design patterns specific to platforms and you will mark the difference soon. Flexbox CSS Styling, debugging, inline styling and support deploying to either the Google Play or App Store are also included in the library of React Native.

The concept of reactjs development is still new, but it is quickly progressing Facebook has already declared about its plan for continuous investing in its growth.

5. React Native – All about the UI

React Native is solely focussed on developing the mobile UI. In comparison to Javascript frameworks React Native is UI focused that makes it more like a Javascript library than a framework. The same features are supported in MeteorJS and AngularJS as well. The library comprises highly responsive resting UI and feels fluid due to asynchronous Javascript interactions with the native environment. This promotes the app to have quicker load times in comparison to a typical hybrid app along with a smoother feel.

6. Efficient Native App Development

Usually, the native app development is understood as an inefficient process that is the result of the less developer productivity and slower deployment time. On the other hand, React Native brings out the speed and agility in the development of hybrid space with the native results.

Under the hood of Facebook, the ReactJS Javascript library is used for developing web applications in case of react Native. React Native promotes all of the better performance of ReactJS, abstraction to DOM and simplified methods of programming to hybrid mobile development.

7. Third-party plugin compatibility, smoother experience and less memory usage

This concept confirms that you do not need to rely over the WebView for certain functions. For example, while adding the functionality of Google Maps to your app, you can link the plugin for React Native with a native module so as to link the map up with the functions of the device like rotate, zoom and the compass, where less memory is consumed with faster loading facility. If the older operating systems are supported by your app, this can help you running the app smoothly.

It is obviously easier to start with React Native technology, especially for the Javascript professionals. One just needs to download the source code and become familiar with certain tools with further constructive React Native library. If you want some external support or perform the development work for you, Kunsh Technologies based ReactJS Developers are ready-to-hire for your projects.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Checkout How WordPress Development Services is Beneficial for Your Web Products

Being in the world of software development, many of you must be familiar with the term ‘WordPress’. After all, it is a popular terminology used by many web and mobile app development companies to accomplish their astonishing web design and development projects.

WordPress is a popularly known PHP based open source Content Management System (CMS) and more than 75 million websites rely over WordPress technology to run its web based operations.

Isn’t it amazing?

This CMS is widely used by majority of developers worldwide and it is free to install, deploy and upgrade to any of your development system. It facilitates a huge number of plugins and templates for powering a simple and flexible interface that further reduces cost and time of development and deployment of the products.

It is a general consensus that if you hold some good WordPress projects to publish on the web, it means you are working in a good company. This platform is widely used by many famous blogs, music sites, news outlets, celebrities, Fortune 500 companies and many more.

For example, TechCrunch and Mashable are famous blogs that are hosted by WordPress. CNN’s on-air personality and The New York Times blogs are all created on WordPress technology.

An experienced team of developers at Kunsh Technologies having years of accumulated resources and knowledge for deploying high quality websites using WordPress Development Services is suggesting few important points for how Wordpress Development is beneficial and listed the reasons due to which it will surely become the top choice for your esteemed development projects.


Why WordPress Development Services is Beneficial:

Worldwide Known CMS

WordPress holds the world’s largest share of proficient Content Management System by far and currently it run over more than a quarter of all the websites of the world. Hence, many users are always well aware of the usage of this CMS, so spending over training time and resources get saved while you are building a new website. Also, in comparison to other CMS platforms, WordPress is leading with 59% of usage, whereas Joomla 7%, Drupal 9% and other 29%.

Open Source System with Expansion Facility

WordPress is a self-hosted platform that does not require any cost to be charged for downloading, installing and upgrading the software. More than 50,000 WordPress plugins are freely available for the development purpose like contact forms, slideshows, Search Engine Optimization etc. End number of licensed plugins or premium plugins can also be deployed on the websites like WordPress video manuals, easy web backup and restore functions with charging no additional cost.

Absolute Customization for Great Flexibility

The popularity of WordPress has also grown because of its ability to meet the continuously rising demands of the users regarding flexible framework. The flexibility feature of WordPress framework allows the developers and designers to create as well as modify high quality applications and layouts easily. Websites, when get coupled with the user-generated extensions, become no longer limited by the extensions of the enterprise.

The development team at Kunsh Technologies has experience in handling extended WordPress functionality and incorporating a wide range of plugins for meeting the unique demands of our clients.

Designed for All

Earlier, when WordPress was not that much popular CMS for website development, it was basically created for the non-technical bloggers. So, the majority of UI components can be used easily and the new users can make use of the written as well as recorded manuals for quick learning of the WordPress functions. Our team is capable of handling all the complexities of setting up and customizing your website. You would just need to update the posts, content on pages, widgets etc.

We provide a premium plugin to our clients offering both a video and written user manuals for the WordPress to permit and simplify boarding with the CMS.

Lower Maintenance Costs and Setup

In comparison to other Content Management Systems like Joomla and Drupal, WordPress incurs smaller cost for setup, customizations and maintenance. Additionally, finding experienced and skilled wordpress developers is relatively easier as well, if someone needs more customization or development in the future. You hardly get fully satisfied by a proprietary CMS or a static website that could feel a bit costlier after initial development.

For improving your customer experience, WordPress can surely be a quick win.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Proceed Profitably in Your Business with iOS App Development

Increasingly flourishing businesses always prefer building good quality of applications for diverse range of mobile devices. Some companies deal in android development, some in iOS application development and some in both the platforms.

Lucrative iOS apps are developed by the businesses for receiving maximum number of customer satisfaction along with generating huge revenues. There are more than 2 million apps downloaded in the first quarter of 2018 bringing huge amount of revenues to the Apple’s App Store. Legitimate iOS app development companies expertise to development secure and scalable iOS applications for startups, enterprises and SMEs worldwide to help them in meeting their business objectives.

The team of iOS app developers conducts consistent research, evaluate and code on the latest features of Apple’s OS platform. They resolve the real-life problems with replacing their traditional business process to iPad and iPhone devices using industry standard coding, responsive and highly-usable solutions to develop iOS apps.

What stats say

In the year 2008, the iOS App Store was initiated with a count of mere 800 apps. Now, the Apple’s App store accounts more than 2.2 million iOS apps in different categories. This shows that the app development sector is growing with a faster pace giving opportunity to every sector to make its maximum possible use. However, not all the apps entering into the app store gets downloaded and not every downloaded app get used by the users. The rising demand of the apps in the industry has increased the supply of the apps making it highly competitive. Moreover, 23% of the apps get uninstalled immediately after downloading and its single use.


Hence, selecting a responsible iPhone App Development Company is essential to keep you retained in the competition. Enterprises just need to buckle their shoes and hire an efficient iOS app developer to deal with their projects. They possess the required skills and talents of designing and coding.

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iOS Solutions for better App Development Industry

Some of the best iOS app development services are categorized in the following manner:
  • Focused design of target audience
  • User Interface and User Experience Design
  • Highly skilled and well experienced designers
  • UX design for driving engagement
  • Captivating user interface
  • Post Deployment Application Maintenance
  • Regularly updating to latest iOS features
  • Updating to iOS version compatibility
  • New device and hardware compatibility

Why to prefer iOS Apps

There are many reasons why iOS applications are better than Android, Windows and other applications. They are a bit costlier; however, their performance cannot be questioned at all.
  • iOS platform facilitates a dedicated user base
  • It helps in generating higher app revenues
  • It requires lesser coding and very fewer bugs are reported
  • iOS involves better tools for development
  • Clean and LeanCode facility
  • Native Development Technologies include C, Objective-C & Swift
  • It facilitates building a scalable app involving robust app architecture
  • Effective iPhone and iPad development
  • Approval of apps in one-shot only

How iOS App Development proceeds

  1. First Phase of App Development: It is a decisive state where the concept is determined, storyboard is framed, UI design, coding wireframing, prototyping and app setting is done.
  2. Programming: Event driven programming is included in all iOS apps. The event occurrence hits the user action leading to send request. This manipulates the app data with return the response.
  3. UI as the core element: Creating the wireframe is the basic step of application development. The wireframe enables a roadmap or an architectural framework for accessing information of your app.
  4. Testing: The app further goes for testing requirements to check if it is not malfunctioning or if the users are not coming up with the bad reviews. As a pre-launch footstep, testing is done so that your app reaches the app store easily.
  5. Continuous Development: The task of iPhone app development never ever accomplishes fully. The new features, updates, maintenance and fixations always leave the scope of more development of your app even after post launch.
App development Platforms: Native mobile app platform and cross application mobile development platform are there to build mobile apps. If you just want the quality based UI and positive user experience, then native app development would be best. Or if you have to build an app on multiple platforms, then cross platform choice works best.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Top 10 Considerations before Starting Your React Native Development

When you think about a wonderful piece of technology, React Native seems perfect in this regard. You can use it for developing multiplatform apps, shared code base and absolutely promising support in terms of security and other related measures. Here, I am putting forward few things that will help you to prepare into the world of React Native. However, this post is being shared with the perspective of an iOS developer who still loves to have fun and while dealing with React Native Development projects.


1. Start with a DIY Approach

Being a native developer or ReactJS Developer will always bring a new experience to enter into the field of React Native. Hence, you should try to understand that there will not always be an existing solution for a problem. Sometimes, you may have to push the solution yourself, simply fix a bug or problem or adapt to open source project as per your project requirements. You will have to face many surprising changes while becoming a React Native Developer from a native one and you should be ready for that.

2. Leaky Abstractions

iOS and Android platforms are totally different from each other. Considering all the cases under a single abstraction is a bit difficult. Sometimes, you would not even want to have a similar API for both the iOS as well as Android platform, as this would result in leaving some of the platform specific features that you would still prefer covering with your React Native code. Hence, be prepared in advance for similar kind of conditions.

3. Dependencies

Coming from the web background will not make you surprised that much about the dependencies that will do if you come from the native development background. If you think that the number of dependencies in the project is rising, then you should wait and see till the arrival of the dependency tree in your React Native project. They can reach to a higher number even at the start of the project itself. At the beginning, it may look a bit scary, but you will get used to it by the time. You just have to shift the way you think while opting for the JS based projects. Normally, you start with turning on your IDE and compiling the code/run tests. Here, you will have to work with bring your own test runner or transpiler.

4. Things may work in a different manner

If using the same API gives you the great feeling, then continue doing so. On the other hand, if it is going to create for a multi-platform app, then try testing it on both the platforms i.e. iOS and Android separately. You will run the things into places, where certain implementation will work for iOS development, but they will behave differently on Android development platform.

5. Learn React Native

React Native technology is fairly a new one. If you want to hire a React Native developer, you cannot hire a Java developer instead. Hence, you will have to find the one who can learn it. Learning from Native development to React Native Development is probably easier. Learning programming language, tools and environment seems helpful; however, you would have an advantage to resolve the native problems related to project configuration, usage of native APIs and common practices in the mobile world and if needed, you will also become able to fill the gap between your native code and React Native.

6. Configuring a Project

If you have changed a build configuration’s name in the Xcode for your React Native project, suddenly you feel that you cannot compile it anymore. Don’t worry! Just start reading the React Native Library code responsible for project building and you will find that the other configurations than debugging or releasing are not supported fully. These are the common things and being aware of them beforehand is important. Do not understand that you are alone to face the issues like that. A great community of developers will definitely help you with an appropriate solution.

7. Navigation

Being into native development, the entire navigation stack remains focused around pushing, popping and dismissing controllers. For that, you have a specific API and everything will work here fine. In the world of React Native Development, a number of navigation libraries will work for you. Coming forward with a good fit first is very difficult. You may end up with something that will not give you as pleasant result as you expect. The things will be fine gradually, but you should contribute more if if something is lacking there.

8. Bridging existing libraries for Android and iOS platforms

A number of platform specific libraries that are used in React Native will in fact be the native libraries joined together with the JavaScript APIs. This should be known importantly for using a fresh version of your favorite swift library, you will also require an updated version of the library bridging the API to JS. This may result in delays to bring such updates, until you approach it in a do-it-yourself manner.

9. Debugging

Debugging the code written in React Native is not much pleasant than in IDEs that have been used previously. Some text editors even support debugging, but it makes the things difficult. Some developers use the debugger in Visual Studio Code as well. However, it hardly brings a horrible experience; still you should feel the difference in comparison to debugging in your IDE.

10. No usage of JS

People generally get discouraged with the fact that they will have to write JS; however, it is not a big issue. Nowadays, JS really comprises some nice features that every developer would love. However, you do not have to use the pure JavaScript for your app. In some cases, Typescript can be an ultimate solution to make the app more pleasant. It will further transpile down to JavaScript.

Here, concludes the important features related to what is needed to consider before you are starting with React Native development.

Biometric Authentication – The Future of Mobile Banking

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